I’m a writer who’s always on the edge . . . of remembering the perfect word. We’re an intense bunch, we writers. Always trying to find the right arrangement of proper and common nouns or pronouns, active or passive-voice verbs, adjectives, adverbs, punc.tu.a.tion, italics, and even CAPITALIZATION. Not to mention, POV, settings, etc.

It’s a wonder I’m still sane. Mostly.

But I’m not just a writer. I’m a wife. I have kids. A house set on twelve beautiful acres. Four Cocker Spaniels. That’s right, FOUR, one of which is scratching at my arm right now because she wants me to pay attention to her. (Gotta love that backspace button.) And over a hundred free-range chickens. They’re comparatively easy, though. Trust me.

If you love to read, you’ve found the right blog. I do too, and might offer some recommendations. But I’ll also post some of my recent works. I’d love your feedback on my stories, too. Hopefully, with your help they’ll improve.

So, tell me what you think. Constructively. Remember, my kids might read it. And Bonni, the persistent Cocker Spaniel, might take offense.

I’ve gotta go. Bonni’s nails need to be trimmed. =)

Thanks for visiting!


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