I’m an author who’s always on the edge . . . of remembering the perfect word. Always trying to find the right arrangement of proper and common nouns or pronouns, active or passive-voice verbs, adjectives, adverbs, punc.tu.a.tion, italics, and even CAPITALIZATION. Not to mention, POV, settings, etc.

It’s a wonder I’m still sane. Mostly.

But I’m not just an author. I’m a wife. I have kids. A house set on twelve beautiful acres. Six Cocker Spaniels. That’s right, SIX, one of which is scratching at my arm right now because she wants me to pay attention to her. (Gotta love that backspace button.) And horses. And chickens. And last December my husband and I moved my parents into our home with us so I’m also a full-time caregiver.

Life is busy. Oftentimes a bit overwhelming. Writing helps me refocus. And sometimes it’s my escape. =D

Thanks for visiting!

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