You Might Be a Writer if . . .

Here’s my southern (I grew up in Oklahoma) spin to 10 Ways to Know You’re a Writer:


You Might Be a Writer if . . .

10. You’re “in the zone” so you run the “Fluff” mode for a load of towels in your dryer several times hoping your family will think you’re doing laundry.

9. Your kids are down to wearing their swimsuits before you fold that load of towels.

8. You don’t answer the home phone, but you will read texts, because you don’t want to leave your novel long enough to find the cordless phone that is migrating around the house.

7. Your husband interrupts your writing, so you look at him while he talks, but you’re still editing that last sentence in your head.

6. Your favorite book is a Thesaurus.

5. You own a laptop, a netbook, and a tablet with a wireless keyboard and mouse so that you can take your writing with you wherever you roam.

4. You get irritable if you’ve gone a few days without your writing “fix.”

3. It doesn’t matter if anyone ever reads what you’re writing.

2. You hope everyone wants to read what you’re writing.

1. Your plot changes because the fictional characters you created won’t cooperate.


Now, just so you know, I’ve never procrastinated to 9s extreme. I probably should be more like 3, but then I wouldn’t have a blog with my name unabashedly attached to it.

And I may have the most stubborn characters in the world because 1 happens to me all the time.

Thanks for visiting!

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